Yummy crepes! We had a classic ham and cheese at barrel tasting and we loved it.Have been to Paris many times and eaten many many crepes there and these were just as good!” Andee F., Oakland, CA

Just ordered a Palachinka from Ultra Crepes, super good!!! Definitely coming here whenever I want a good crepe! :)” F Parigloini, Sebastopol, CA

“These guys have been coming to Guerneville for a few years, most often at Dr. Evil’s house of horrors. They are friendly and offer a diverse menu, as noted on their site listed here. In fact, they usually more to offer than their web site shows. The food is fantastic. I had the sunrise but with a bit of pesto. The texture was magical, a bit of crunch along with soft, gooey melted cheese and smart ham. I was most impressed.  My favorite is the cinnamon. The also do magic with nutella and bananas.  If you’re lucky enough to come across this food truck, get your order placed, pronto!” Pinguin, Pacifica, CA

A few weeks ago I was at Harmony Nursrey in Forestville.  Not had time for lunch and there in the parking lot was a food truck sent from heaven!  I had been wanting a good crepe.  This truck in minuets made a wonderful crepe!  I wish they  came to my neck of the woods! (SoCal).” Kay W., Duarte, CA